Odoo(OpenERP )中的中英文术语对照

Odoo(OpenERP )中的中英文术语对照

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Odoo(OpenERP) 中的中英文术语对照


英文原文 中文简体 出现位置(模块) 备注 讨论链接
account chart 会计科目表 base, account =Chart of Accounts  
account move 过账 base, account Means "posting" here probably literal translation from French. As opposed to journal entry this refers to a complete posting in the ledger.(记账?)  
action 动作 many OpenERP term for a definition of the system's behavior in response to actions of users like loggin into system or double click on a menu or icon  
activate 激活 product    
active 启用 base etc    
balance product 余额产品 base, hr_timesheet_invoice not sure  
base 税基 base, account =tax base  
board 控制台/一览表 board_manufacturing etc =dashboard,或者翻译为“看板”?  
BOM 物料清单 mrp acronyms for "Bill of Materials  
... by ... 按。。。排列 base, crm etc "..by.." means ordered by something, or listed in a certain order or grouping.  
case 业务(by Jeff)、案例(个案) crm difficult to translate; most important to use one term throughout  
category 分类 crm etc many different terms possible but should stick to one. Categories are created by the user, after which something (cases, partners) is put into that category. Type is something inherent to a thing already (you don't have to explicitly assign something to a type)  
campaign 营销活动 crm, crm_configuration as in advertising campaign, etc  
centralized journal 集中日记账/汇总日记账 base, account    
child 下级 base, mrp    
credit note 贷项通知单 account    
dashboard 仪表板/一览表 board_nanufacturing etc    
day number 月内天数,年内天数 account not 天数 which can be read as number of days  
deactivate 禁用 product 禁用比较好  
delay close 办理期 report_crm awkward English, it means the time between the creation of a case and closing it  
delivery grid 运费表格(?) delivery actually the same as tariff grid  
delivery method 送货方式(交付方式) delivery    
delivery order 送货单 sale, stock many different terms appropriate, but important to choose one.  
delta 差异 account as in "delta debit" and "delta credit"  
demonstration data 演示数据 base    
discount 降价 sale not the same as 折扣  
domain 定义域/范围 document domain limits the results of a data query possible hits (here not used in the sense as in 'domain name')  
encode 记账 base, elsewhere Awkward English. Means making an entry here.  
entry 分录 account, base =journal entry  
event 事件 base, crm    
expenses 费用 account, base In accounting there is a clear distinction between "expenses" (费用)and "costs" (成本), however in Open ERP it appears that sometimes expenses is used in the sense of "costs".  
fiscal position 应税设定 sale, account A fiscal position is associated to a partner, and then copied to its sale orders and then to its invoices. A fiscal position allows you to replace the default taxes of a product by other taxes. Open ERP forum relevant post
fiscal year 会计年度 account, base    
grid 表格 delivery as in tariff grid (= delivery grid)  
historize 记载 base awkward term  
hours 工时 project 原翻译为小时数  
id 标识符(id) base etc    
inactive 待用/无效 base    
inventory 盘存 base, stock always used in the (UK) sense of "list of the stock", the result of "stocktaking"  
invoice method 发票方式 sale_journal = same concept as shipping policy  
job request 应聘职位 crm_configuration    
journal 日记帐 account,base,mrp,stock or 会计记日帐  
lead 线索(指标)/潜在客户 base, crm    
line 明细 base etc line in a form or list  
make to order 订货型生产(按单生产) mrp, product    
make to stock 备货型生产(按计划生产) mrp, product    
manufacturing lead time 生产需时(生产标准时间) mrp (misspelled as "Manufacturity Lead Time" in mrp). Lead time is more like 筹备期(从订单到完成的标准时间) but definition in OpenERP book states "lead time, in days, between a production order and the end of production of the finished product"  
mapping 。。与。。对应 account    
margin 毛利 product_margin not ”利润“ as this is profit or "net margin"  
model 模式 everywhere in mathematical or software sense  
mrp operations 工票 mrp_operations 全称为单“工序工票” [1]
open 未结 mrp, purchase as in "open invoice", "open ticket" 关于open的讨论
pack (v.) 分拣(装箱) mrp etc. see "packing list"  
packing list 分拣单(装箱单) stock, mrp packing list means in OpenERP the list of goods that are included in one movement. Movement can be receiving, internal, or shipping out. Pick or Pack and on this site: picking list的译法
packing mode 出货方式(装箱方式) sale can be either "partial delivery" (分批出货) or "complete delivery" (一次性出货)  
packing policy see packing mode sale    
parent 上级 base, mrp    
pending 待决 crm pending has connotation of waiting for something  
period 期间(周期) base etc    
picking policy see packing mode sale    
piece 分录 base, account Seems to refer to a line in a posting (account move), which really is an entry. A posting consists of at least one debit entry and one credit entry  
planify 规划 base awkward term, used in the sense of "to plan", "to schedule"  
procure 做需求单 mrp, sale, purchase etc see "procurement"  
procurement 需求单 mrp, purchase like a "requisition" NOT a purchase (precedes a purchase order or production order). As it is not always for materials (can also be for a service) cannot be 物料需求单 which would be the normal term (used in OKRA) 关于procurement的讨论
procure method 获得方式 mrp can either be "Make To Order" or "Make To Stock" on the product form. These two procurement methods are also perhaps somewhat confusingly referred to as "on order" and "from stock" on the procurement orders  
product 产品|货品 mrp etc. can be used interchangeably the first in context of production the second  
profile 特定类型 profile_manufacturing etc.    
prospect 潜在客户 crm    
reconcile, reconciliation 对帐 base, account many different terms in use (like 调节,调整,使一致) better stick to one only  
recursive 递归的 crm etc    
ref, reference 参照 base etc. probably not often used "参考“.,这个其实一般是做为单号或者产品编号用  
request for quotation 报价请求 purchase    
routing 工艺路线 mrp    
section 单元 base, crm As in case section. This is the team that is responsible for dealing with certain cases.  
shipping policy 付运条款 sale Different from "packing policy". Can either be "Payment before delivery", "Invoice on Order After Delivery", "Shipping& Manual Invoice" or "Invoice from the Packing"  
shortcut 快捷方式 base    
source document 源单据 base    
stage 阶段 crm    
statement 结单|对帐单|声明 base, account 结单 most general as in "account statement", 对帐单 for “bank statement”, third only for declarations like "tax statement"  
stock move 库存调拨 stock, mrp    
subscribe report 订阅报表 base here "subscribe" is used in the normal sense, but see "subscription"  
subscription 循环分录系列/循环凭证 base, account Indicates a series of recurring entries a user can set with a start and end date and a certain frequency. Does not mean “订阅” here. subscription 的讨论
tab 选页卡 base Of a multi-layered form. According to M$  
tariff grid 运费表格 delivery same as delivery grid  
tax 税目 account etc mostly used in the sense of "tax item"  
tax case,tax code 税号 account a kind of account to group different taxes  
taxes 税/税额 account, base tax items lumped together. perhaps 税应?  
timebox 时间盒 project_gtd concept of "getting things done" methodology.  
timesheet 时间表 base    
type 类型 crm etc see note at "category"  
ul 货运单位 base, product =shipping unit  
view 视图 many    
view architecture 视图架构 many    
week number 年内周数 base not 周数 as this can be read as number of weeks.  
wizard 向导 many OpenERP term for a pattern for interactions between Server and Client


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