OpenERP/Odoo 的推式物流和拉式物流详解及应用场景

OpenERP/Odoo 的推式物流和拉式物流详解及应用场景 2014-10-29 09:10:22 admin

Odoo/OpenERP 支持两种库存流动方式:Push and Pull.


  • 管理产品的工艺路线
  • 管理每种产品的库位
  • 根据业务需求定义产品在仓库内的路线,比如:质量控制、售后服务、供应商退货
  • 处理租借管理,生产产品的自动归还路线。

安装库存的高级路线模块后,产品界面上会出现Pull和Push路线设定。显示数据 CPU1 产品为推拉的演示数据。推式物流:        推式物流适用与当某一个产品到达后总是会被移动到另外一个地方,可以选择是否是延迟一段时间再移动。基本的仓库管理应用也支持这样的在地点上的推式物流,但是不支持根据每个产品定义。

A push flow specification indicates which location is chained with which location,and with what parameters. As soon as a given quantity of products is moved in thesource location, a chained move is automatically foreseen according to theparameters set>Pull flows:

Pull flows are a bit different from Push flows, in the sense that they are notrelated to the processing of product moves, but rather to the processing ofprocurement orders. What is being pulled is a need, not directly products. Aclassical example of Pull flow is when you have an Outlet company, with a parentCompany that is responsible for the supplies of the Outlet.

[ Customer ] <- A - [ Outlet ] <- B - [ Holding ] <~ C ~ [ Supplier ]

When a new procurement order (A, coming from the confirmation of a Sale Orderfor example) arrives in the Outlet, it is converted into another procurement(B, via a Pull flow of type 'move') requested from the Holding. When procurementorder B is processed by the Holding company, and if the product is out of stock,it can be converted into a Purchase Order (C) from the Supplier (Pull flow oftype Purchase). The result is that the procurement order, the need, is pushedall the way between the Customer and Supplier.

Technically, Pull flows allow to process procurement orders differently, notonly depending>Use-Case:

You can use the demo data as follow:

**CPU1:** Sell some CPU1 from Chicago Shop and run the scheduler- Warehouse: delivery order, Chicago Shop: reception**CPU3:**- When receiving the product, it goes to Quality Control location thenstored to shelf 2.- When delivering the customer: Pick List -> Packing -> Delivery Order from Gate A


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