OpenERP/ODOO 8 激活及时通讯功能

OpenERP/ODOO 8 激活及时通讯功能 2014-10-20 10:20:00 admin

FAQ:How to activate chat (im) in v8 (trunk)
I know its already answered that chat (im) is only available from v8, but I have trunk running and the im and im_livechat modules installed, I can create channels, and insert the code in my website, but the chat icon keeps saying "Instant Messaging is not activated on this server."
How do you activate IM?
Thanks.常见问题:我们知道 从 V8 开始可以用及时通讯功能,我装了相关模块,我可以创建通道,可以把相关代码嵌入到网站,但是聊天图标一直提示“服务器即时通讯没有激活”?
ANSER:First you need to install gevent
apt-get install python-gevent
Then install gevent_psycopg2 I installed this one
Then you need to start the server with --gevent
openerp-server --gevent
the server will be launched in port :8072答案:1:首先你要安装 gevent apt-gst install python-gevent            2.安装 gevent_psycopg2 包           3。启动 openerp server 的时候带上 --gevent 参数。注意:为了防止 debug openerp 的时候跑进 gevent 模式,你可以 hard code gevent = False。苏州远鼎信息技术有限公司 Openerp/Odoo 定制 实施 监理 
server helps mentions this about gevent option "Activate the GEvent mode, this also desactivate the cron.


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